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Transform with the help of Piper Fitness.

Piper Fitness offers a variety of services to meet your fitness needs.  From one-on-one personal training, small groups, youth, and workshops.

Individual Personal Training

Individual personal training sessions start with a consultation and assessment to create a customized fitness program that takes into consideration your current condition, your specific health and fitness goals, and any special requests for strong results and safe outcomes.

Group Training

Group training consists of four or more people.  Workout with friends, family, or co-workers to make sessions more affordable.  Whether you're interested in general conditioning, building strength, reducing fat, or improving athletic performance, a group setting can provide the additional motivation you need to reach your fitness goals.  Start your own group or join with an established group.

Adult and Youth Programs

Piper Fitness can come to your organization, school, and/or group for program implementation, training, workshops, and demonstrations.  The program or demonstration will encompass the needs of the organization or school.  Corporate and school aged training programs experience an increase in productivity and morale while decreasing health care costs.  

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